Shipping Information. We currently ship to most Victorian locations. Shipping costs are determined by postcode and calculated during checkout. As a guide the average is $42. We offer a free local-pickup option if you wish to collect your order from our butcher. For delivery to other locations please contact us so as we can determine delivery options.

Discount for bank transfer.  All prices include a credit-card surcharge. If you choose the bank-transfer / EFT payment option at checkout a 2% discount will be applied to the total value of your order.

Processing & Packaging.  All cuts are individually cryovac packaged and labelled. All orders arrive chilled and can be frozen or stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks. Cryovac packaging is now standard with no additional costs.

HGP Free Hormone Free Chemical Free Herbicide Free Pesticide Free

Premium Pack (25kg)


Porterhouse4 pieces
Scotch Fillet4 pieces
Rump Steak4 pieces
Fillet 4 pieces
Oyster Blade4 pieces
Topside2 Roast
Silverside2 Roast
Round Steak4 pieces
Mince10 x 500g
Sausages10 x 9 pack
Stewing Steak2 x 500g
Osso Bucco2 x 500g
Blade Steak2 x 500g

25kg @ $27.16/kg

Base Pack (12.5kg)


Porterhouse2 pieces
Scotch Fillet2 pieces
Rump Steak2 pieces
Fillet 2 pieces
Oyster Blade2 pieces
Topside1 Roast
Silverside1 Roast
Round Steak2 pieces
Mince5 x 500g
Sausages5 x 9 pack
Stewing Steak1 x 500g
Osso Bucco1 x 500g
Blade Steak1 x 500g

12.5kg @ $30/kg


Sausage Product

Our sausages are preservative and gluten free  however the skins are not organically certified.

If required we are happy to substitute the sausage trays for additional mince, stewing steak or osso bucco. Please note your preference in the comments area at checkout.

Pack Variances

We generally process a single animal at a time so it's not always possible to divide the number of trays exactly. This means you may get an extra of one steak and 1 less of another. The butchers do their best to divide the meat evenly and fairly between packs. Also, different animals yield different quantities of each cut.