Milawa Organic Beef follows green path to success

A great article published in the fairfax media on November 2, 2017.  

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Hart of the BBQ featuring Milawa Organic Beef

Watch as Bob Hart prepares and cooks a Baron of Milawa Organic Beef on Episode 5 of Hart of the BBQ

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French study finds organic food is healthier

Whether or not organic food brings nutritional benefits over conventional food has been a matter of considerable inquiry and debate. The issue came to a head when a study commissioned by the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) concluded that there is no evidence of nutritional superiority. Now, however, a review published in the journal Agronomy…

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Checking for healthy soil

Alan uses a micrsocope to ensure that the soils in which our organic beef are raised contain the right populations of microbes and fungi, any adjustments are made using specially brewed compost teas.

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The Chronicle 16 April 2012

Milawa Organic beef was featured in the Wangaratta Chronicle on the 6 April 2012. Read the full article.

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