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Family owned, family farmed since 1874

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Buy bulk packs direct from the farm using our online store. We accept Direct Deposit, Credit Cards and Cheques. All prices include GST.

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We sell fresh and frozen cryovak packaged individual cuts and other seasonal products such as walnuts, fruit/vegetables and eggs direct from our farmgate shop.

Why buy organic ?

Organic grass fed beef is a healthier choice, it has over 300% more Omega 3 fatty acids than grain fed beef , is low in fat,  has been grown without pesticides, hormones or antibiotics and has a lower carbon foot-print than grain fed / finished beef.

What our customers are saying

Grass Edge

We have had a fair smattering of your beef and I am very impressed. Excellent.

Kel H

Old style real sausages note to all B&B’s. If you want to improve your guests visits use these sausages as they are the best I have eaten in over 30 years. Real meat of the highest standard.

Bill H

“It was fortunate that someone recommended Milawa Organic Beef. Unfortunately it was well overdue! The quality and taste of the meat is far superior than the normal supermarket fare. We had never frozen meat before but now I doubt we will ever need to buy fresh! The cows are fed grass.... just the way nature intended.

Geoff H

Thank you Alan and Leanne Wood, just used my Milawa Organic Beef Osso Bucco in Stephanie Alexander’s recipe. DIVINE!. Just the thing after a freezing Sunday served on a pile of mashed Dutch cream spuds. Peeps, you need to order beef from Milawa Organic Beef. It’s amazing and they deliver!

Kathryn A

So tasty and very tender. The packaging was all labelled which meant no extra work for me. The bonus of course is its organic!

Tania F

It is with great enthusiasm I write to congratulate you on your organic beef. Your product is not only delicious but the process of ordering and the service from your butcher was second to none and to buy from a certified organic local producer was a delight!

Kath B

I thought Milawa Organic Beef was amazing. It was so tender.

Alex H

Thank you so much Leanne, for supplying me with some of your very delicious meat. After tasting a sample at the Brown Brothers vine festival during Easter I was delighted to receive the order I placed within a week all frozen and packaged with labels attached.
My family and I enjoyed the great taste (my husband couldn’t believe the difference) also knowing that we consumed a healthier and more nutritious beef. I am looking forward to the next order!

Sabine K

We had the porterhouse last night, the meat was butchered beautifully, I think the steaks were the best we have ever eaten.

Ben and Jane

www.milawaorganicbeef.com.au organic certified angus beef